International Buyer Strategy

The Harcourts brand is a true international property services company. Harcourts International is represented and established in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, China, South Africa and United States of America as a way to connect the property markets in those countries with ours. Employing the same systems and engaging in a market network, it provides an ideal way to promote property and opportunity in the International markets.

With a notable increase in Australian property enquiry emanating from the Harcourts network in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, China, South Africa and United State of America.  Recently Harcourts show cased Australia unit developments, rural and commercial property  in Hong Kong and China; Harcourts has showcased Australian properties to China through its Connect with Australia property showcase. Responding to the particular interests of Chinese investors, Harcourts will feature large scale agricultural properties targeting dairy, protein and viticulture sectors as well as residential and commercial developments, off the plan homes, new apartment blocks, house and land packages, to a captive and qualified Chinese audience.

The Harcourts Network has established a qualified buyer database of over 1.4 million people looking for property within Australia.

Harcourts has attended and had very strong representation at 2 property expos in the last 18months throughout China. At these expos we were able to help bridge the gap and build the understanding and awareness of what the Australian Property Market has to offer Chinese buyers /investors. We also gained valuable insight into the Chinese market and investors so that we can ensure we know how best to market to them and capture the correct audience for your property.

The Harcourts Coastal team has access to the very extensive “International Bluebook” that includes listings from all around the world in it.

Why Australia

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You can view our video of Harcourts by clicking here:

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