April Smith

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Beginning her journey in the Real Estate Industry in 2012, April Smith has since established a specialty in representing boutique agencies, where she finds it is easier to connect with her clients and to have the ability to provide them with a personalised six star customer service experience.

Her vendors appreciate her solid work ethic and ability to negotiate effectively in any situation, and paired with her youth and enthusiasm she aims to fulfil the needs of her valued clients. Her honest and friendly manner combined with her fresh and innovative approach to the sales and marketing process has helped her achieve outstanding results for her clients.

April lists one of her greatest career achievements as etching her name among the hundreds of past clients she has been involved with across the last half a decade as someone that they can trust and rely on.

With a young family, April realises the stresses involved in the selling and buying process, with her aim to make the process as stress free as possible. When not assisting her clients, April relishes time with her family.

A true professional, April works to ensure that each sale is completed efficiently, expediently and to everyone’s complete satisfaction.

April will happily provide you with a marketplace valuation, feel free to give her a call on 0434 884 490.

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